atlass-copco-productAtlas Copco was founded in Stockholm, Sweden on February 21th 1873 as a manufacturer of products for railways. 143 years later the company is an industry benchmark with world-leading positions in compressor, tools and rock drills, but also in many other product areas.

The Intermech BBR/FBR Electric/ gas engine drive compressors are appreciated for their quality, safe operation, smooth running and compact design.

With Features.

  • Pressurized crankcases for no gas loss (economical, ecological and safe)
  • Proven 2/3/4 stage horizontal opposed reciprocating compressor block directly coupled to a main motor.
  • Complete units, plug & play and easy to install.
  • Dynamic balancing for vibration-free operation.
  • Easy and limited maintanace.
  • Optimal coupling to a gas engine-aperfect solution when electricity is scarce or unreliable.

Atlas Copco Natural gas compressor provides major energy saving at CNG gas station. Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline, diesel fuel and propane. Atlas Copco’s advanced product selection system for CNG compressing products makes it easy to choose the right. Solution and achieve maximum energy saving. Safety is a top priority at the CNG gas station. Atlas Copco CNG compressors are equipped with a multilevel alarm system for pressure, temperature, liquid level and density of the natural gas and other parameters.

We Optimistic that CNG products have a good prospect.

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